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deBoer Bakery

The profession that today includes the baking of artisan sourdough breads and assembling elegant pastries and desserts began thousands of years ago with the gathering of wild grass seeds and grinding those seeds between stones. A few things have changed for today’s baker, but the passing down of a classic art form from father to son has not changed for de Boer Bakkerij. The de Boer's have been crafting incredible artisan breads, buttery pastries, and delicious cookies in Holland, MI since immigrating from Kollum, Nederland in 1956. Today, fourth generation baker Jakob de Boer and his sons, the Dutch Brothers of Holland, perfect their trade on Holland's North side.. With the addition of their breakfast and lunch restaurant in 2008, the brothers are fueled creatively by classically trained baker Samuel deBoer. Their head Chef and graduate of the Florida Culinary Insitute is Mitchiel de Boer. Jacob de Boer is the Bakery and Restaurant’s manager. Our time tested craftsmanship and commitment to quality truly makes us a “taste of the old country.”

Contact Information

360 Douglas Ave
Holland MI 49424



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