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When One-Time Lawmen Turn Lawless: 12 PM News, Sports & Weather 11/22/13

by Gary Stevens

Today's Headlines: For the second time this week along the Lakeshore comes a story about a former lawman who ran afoul of the law; nearly three years since ground was broken, and after much controversy, big fines and a lot of taxpayers’ dollars spent, LG Chem has shipped its first lithium-ion batteries to GM for installation into Chevy Volts; this weekend is the middle of the firearms deer hunting season in Michigan, but there are many people who are unwilling participants in the harvest across the state; a case of role reversal is being played out in one Lakeshore school district; home cooking was no guarantee of winning for Hope's volleyball Dutch; Old Man Winter stretches out his cold, bony fingers across the Lakeshore this weekend.