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The Search Continues: 12 PM News, Sports & Weather 07/02/13

by Gary Stevens
  The recovery of a Grand Rapids area paramedic in the waters of Lake Michigan continues; a brother and a sister, perhaps on the way back from the Electric Forest concert series in Rothbury, apparently triggered a four-vehicle pileup south of Grand Haven: it appears to be a short break for Congress, as Representative Fred Upton of St. Joseph and his colleagues in both the House and Senate have plenty to deal with when they return to Washington next week; it’s no holiday yet for Governor Snyder; the old adage of things not as bad as it could have been or as good as it could be can be used to describe the gasoline price situation as the Independence Day holiday approaches; the Tigers and Whitecaps look to arrest skids; a rainy 2nd could lead to a sunny 4th along the Lakeshore.