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New Life for the Holland Civic Center?: 12 PM News, Sports & Weather 09/05/13

by Gary Stevens

Today's Headlines: For the second time this summer, a sudden death has struck a Holland family; nobody was taking any chances when popping sounds that could have been gunshots were heard outside of Jenison Christian School yesterday afternoon; ever since DeVos Fieldhouse opened for Hope College basketball in 2005, talk about the future of the venerable Holland Civic Center has been endless; as the debate over American intervention in Syria continues in Washington, a Lakeshore Congressman has his reservations; with less than 14 months before the November 4, 2014 general election, how do the two biggest statewide races stack up? Boston's Mayor says he'd blow up Detroit, and the Red Sox obliged by blowing up the Tigers; another Blue Ribbon weather day along the Lakeshore, and there's more where that came from for the weekend.