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Celebrating & Complaining in Zeeland: 12 PM News, Sports & Weather 12/02/13

by Gary Stevens

Today's Headlines: There may be some residents in Zeeland’s Central Avenue and Division Street neighborhood that won’t be in a celebrating mood for tonight’s annual Magical Christmas Parade through downtown; the afterglow from another state football success at Ford Field is being felt in a Lakeshore community; the case of three teens from Holland’s North Side this summer, causing mayhem and mischief on small business owners and franchisees, from the Holland-Zeeland area across Ottawa County, may be heading for a final chapter; a big increase in traffic to the Obama administration's improved Healthcare.gov website will put it to the test over the next few weeks and months; but to one Lakeshore Congressman, that may be the least of the White House’s problems involving Obamacare; an obscure state law change from six years ago has been shed some new light; a showdown in Seattle between the Saints and the Seahawks is on 1450 WHTC tonight; a wet week gets underway tonight, with snowflakes falling by the end of it.