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12 PM News, Sports & Weather 05/20/13

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May 20, 2013, 12:20 p.m.
Gary Stevens
12 PM News, Sports & Weather 05/20/13 (2.3 MB)
Today's Headlines: A SUV filled with five persons from the Holland area was apparently trying to head north on Saturday afternoon but didn’t make it too far beyond the Grand Haven drawbridge; Lakeshore school superintendents will be telling their bosses some good news from the ballot box during this evening’s board meetings on this third Monday of the month; money burns holes in politicians’ pockets just as much as it does for many of their constituents, and such is the case in Lansing; one of the faces of the IRS scandal is back in West Michigan; the enmity in Washington may not be as bad as it is right now, leading some to believe that the American political system in broken; as the Farm Bill moves through Congress, a state lawmaker who makes more of a living as a farmer is keeping a close eye on Capitol Hill; while the Tigers take Monday off, the Whitecaps are playing a lunchtime game with the Baby Bull trying to rush over the Hot Rods; the summertime weather will end with a bang or three along the Lakeshore.