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12 PM News, Sports & Weather 04/17/13

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April 17, 2013, 11:58 a.m.
Gary Stevens
12 PM News, Sports & Weather 04/17/13 (2.5 MB)
Today's Headlines: A wanted Holland man apparently listened to his mother and ended his fugitive flight yesterday; an effort from a Lakeshore lawmaker to crack down on Bridge Card abuse in Michigan cleared a legislative hurdle yesterday; the flooding that currently has the Grand River two to three feet above flood stage may be about to get worse; the fungal meningitis outbreak that killed over 50 persons nationwide was the subject of a Congressional hearing yesterday; after more than three months with the proverbial sunshine of record market heights, economic storm clouds are apparently gathering over Wall Street; the people of Boston were quietly determined to get back to something like normal this morning, two days after the deadly bombings at the Boston Marathon; the Tigers look to continue their winning ways in Seattle tonight; a typical strong spring storm is bearing down on the Lakeshore.