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Agri-Business Spins Out-Rail Cars and Grain - It's YOUR Agri-Business

by Mark Brown

It's YOUR Agri Business--knows that July-August brings county and state fairs. A big part of that is centered around 4-H Achievement Days-Audrey Rider -SDSU Extension gives us a preview of what we'll see and where.

Our Mid-west Communications Farm Director --Rick Shields is on the road headed to the Pyramids. Not sure where that's at -- but we'll update the important farm news around the mid-west.

Our traveling Howalt McDowell team--Roger and Travis Starks are in Nebraska ---but they have seen some fear from the farm community that commodities could cut prices on corn below a disaster 3.00 a bushel. Grain cars still in need--and the Starks had a chance to go eyeball to eybeball with BNSF.

Rocky Boer--Plains Commerce Bank joins us. Plains Commerce provides both town and country business -- and Rocky provides the latest stuff our audience needs to know across South Dakota.

Another Rock--Rock Nelson--International Trade voice in Sioux Falls and South Dakota has Quintin Honerman -- 1st Vice President of International Operations for Great Plains Processing with him to talk about the exporting of organic trace minerals, deer feed and a new all organic chelated fertilizer that will be marketed later this year. They market to 32 countries.

Lyn Albers--South Dakota's 1st Peach Festival is scheduled in less than two weeks at Yankton Trail Park. We'll talk about what you can expect and see July 26th and 27th.

Scott Varilek--Kooima Kaemingk will have the commodity look --Craig Markhardt--Advana Mortgage'sloan snapshot of the day.

Matt Knippling--SDSU IGROW.org and Lucas Lentsch's Ag Department have the news notes of the week.