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Will Anthony Weiner Rise Again?

by Jerry Bader

Yes, I admit it; I couldn't help myself with the title of this post. If this isn't the most improbable comeback in modern politics, I'm not sure what is.  First; I found it interesting that Huma is playing the "good wife" roll in taking part in the announcement video. Democrats heads have to be exploding over this. The man is a walking punchline; imagine if he is elected Mayor of New York? Where do we begin?

1) What will it say about the voters of New York if they elect a man who so desperately and obviously lied during the scandal? It's been said the reason Democrats attack Republicans when they don't live up to their own moral standards is because Republicans actually have standards. It's impossible to judge a Democrat because Democrats have no morality standards. Weiner winning would take this theory to the extreme. If his Twitter behavior doesn't preclude him from holding public office again, then are there really any scandals anymore?

2) What does is say about Huma Abedin that she is literally and figuratively standing with him? I suppose you can respect a spouse who forgives and tries to save a marriage, but wow?

3) Back to #1; how can anybody ever believe another word he says when he was so emphatic in his lies???

4) What precedent does this set for what does end a political career anymore? Richard Nixon winning the White House in 1968 is still the gold standard for the greatest political comeback of all time. But Nixon had no major scandals at the time (he survived one as the VP nominee in '52). Who would have ever thought Weiner could come back from this?

Parting thought; if he pulls this off, could he actually get his career back on track and have even higher aspirations than NYC Mayor? Stay tuned.