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The Media's Outrageous Enabling of Obama's Lawlessness

by Jerry Bader

It's hard to argue with Noah Rothman's thesis: imagine if the media was doing its job today as it did during Watergate.  And there's nothing to ferret out here! Unlike Woodward and Bernstein, today's reporters have the lawlessness right in front of them and say and do nothing. And yes, these are impeachable offenses, in my non-professional opinion.

And that's where I part a bit, with Rothman. Yes, Republicans hands are tied as far as beginning impeachment proceedings. They don't hold the Senate, where a trial would take place, so acting on Articles of Impeachment in the House would be an exercise in futility. 

But they can and should move beyond calling these actions lawless and calling them impeachable offenses. They can then point out that the media is now and Democrats in the Senate would protect the president if he was impeached. I feel that's what republicans should be saying right now.