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Maryland Risks Crossing Frank Underwood

by Jerry Bader

Regular listeners to my show know that I'm a fan of the Netflix original series "House of Cards." Based on a British series of the same name, it follows an unscrupulous (and rare for American TV, Democratic bad guy) Congressman Frank Underwood. Denied the cabinet position he was promised, the series chronicles Frank's effort to avenge that double cross. And his tactics include murder. It appears the shows producers are channeling Frank in dealing with the state of Maryland.

If the state doesn't grow the tax credits the producers have been getting, they'll come somewhere else. Yes, that sounds like Frank Underwood. But here's the real buried lead; liberal Hollywood producers understand the impact taxes have on commerce.

In essence, the producers want lower taxes and are willing to leave if they don't get them. When a manufacturer considers such a thing, liberals consider it shameful. Now, if the numbers are right, I think Maryland has gotten a pretty good ROI on the tax credits. But it's hysterical to see an industry run by liberals act very differently when the end of tax breaks impact them.