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by Lauri Loewenberg

Dear Lauri,
I tend to dream from time to time about alligators. I’m either running away from them or fighting them off. I still don't know what this repetitive dream means. – Michelle 40, Oveido, FL

Recurring dreams are either connected to recurring behavior patterns or ongoing issues. As long as the issue or the behavior continues so will the dreams. Alligators often represent someone around you with a big, mean mouth, someone who has sharp, biting remarks. Has anyone around you been critical of you or said hurtful things to you? Do you have the recurring behavior of allowing people's remarks to really bother you? If so, that’s why you keep getting the dream.

Michelle replies: Oh my God, yes! My husband for years always criticizes me, says and does very hurtful things to me from time to time. They hurt me very deeply and I cry sometimes. I’m always trying to make the marriage work but I never see him trying, even though he says he loves me. This makes so much sense now! Thank you so much Lauri! I feel like crying now that I finally understand what my dreams have always meant.

Lauri replies: Tell that hubby of yours that he's giving you bad dreams so he needs to be nicer to you already! These dreams are showing you that you are constantly feeling like you are under attack. Not cool.

Michelle replies: Yeah, I will tell him he's giving me nightmares. I do tell him how he makes me feel all the time when he hurts me, criticizes me, and degrades me. I also see a therapist and she's been helping me. He's supposed to be seeing her too. I know his work makes it difficult but he doesn't make the time. He tries to avoid it. Thank you so much for everything Lauri. This means so much to me.

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