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I can’t believe I was wrong

by Nick Vitrano

Everybody likes to say “I told you so.”  It’s human nature to desire to be right…all the time…or at least more right than wrong.  Of course, the contrary generally proves to be true – which, I suppose, is why there resides so much delight in being right.  It doesn’t happen very often.

I know I can count on one hand the times when I was really right, like a massive middle finger to the world right.  I was positive, 20 years ago, that I would be able to count this as one of those times.  But here we are, two decades later, and I can’t believe I was wrong.

Happy 20th anniversary to the Klement’s Racing Sausages.  Yep, 20 years ago tonight, the first Klement’s Sausage Race as we know it today took place, featuring the original 3 - Brat, Polish, and Italian - and I was certain this would be a flop.  Not only was I proven horribly wrong – we have since added sausages to the mix, and presently just about every team in the MLB has some form of this between-innings tradition – I’m actually excited to see the race every game. 

Congratulations to Klement’s, the Milwaukee Brewers, and Michael Dillon, who dared to dream of taking the Sausage Race (formerly just a scoreboard offering) to the ultimate level.