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VIDEO :: International Ski Jumpers That Didn't Qualify For Sochi Went to the U.P. Last Weekend

by Paul Heling

With a little more push and a little more luck, some of these jumpers would have been in Sochi right now.  For some U.S. jumpers, it came down to a matter of a few points.  So if you've trained for almost 4 years and didn't make the Winter Games, you still take on international competition, it just happens to be in the U.P.

The Bellin Health Pine Mountain Continental Ski Jumping Competition was held last weekend (February 6th through the 9th) in Iron Mountain, Michigan at the Pine Mountain Ski Jump.  It's interesting to note that the U.S. record (459 feet) is still held at Pine Mountain where 20,000 spectators watch the competition each year over multiple days.   As for competitors, they come from Norway, Poland, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Switzerland, Russia, USA, Slovenia, and more.  60 athletes from 11 Countries in all.

Speaking of Slovenia, they dominated the event last weekend with six jumpers in the top 10, including the winner, 17 year old Anze Lanisek.  Learn about the event in this video report shot just prior to the event...

Never been there?  Get a feel for the event in this 2012 aerial coverage...