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Crosby Battles Back From The Brink

by Tom King

One of the things about sports that make them so interesting to fans are the stories of redemption that continually play out. Whether its an athlete coming back from injury, addiction problems, or other off the field problems, we find it fascinating to watch. And it depends on how an athlete handles adversity as to how we either laud him or loath him.

And then there is the case of an athlete who's skills seem to magically disappear. Many of those players never recover. And yet, once in awhile, a player is given the chance to re-find what made him a good player in the past. Case in point. Green Bay Packer kicker Mason Crosby. Last year Crosby was terrible. Packer fans were calling for his head on a weekly basis. Mike McCarthy, at one point, would eschew field goal attempts and go for it on 4th down because he had no confidence in his kicker. And yet, McCarthy wouldnt cut him loose. He continued to say that Crosby could still be a good kicker and wanted him to work through his problems. 

The Packers brought in other kickers and it seemed during this years training camp that Crosby was done...but lo & behold here we are after 5 weeks and Crosby is 9-9 and yesterday he kicked five field goals without missing to tie a Packer record. He says he has found his groove again and seems to be very confident every time he steps on the field. And yet fans are still sceptical. There were many social media posts yesterday that still want the Packers to find a new kicker. Credit McCarthy for ignoring the carping and staying the course...it seems that the Packers can count on their kicker again...and in the NFL that can be the difference between playing in January and going home early.

Tony Romo will take the heat for throwing a late interception yesterday...but without Romo the Cowboys wouldnt have even been in a position to win the game. He became the first Cowboy quarterback ever to pass for over 500 yards in a game. How about roasting the Cowboy defense for being unable to even slow down Peyton Manning and the Broncos?

If the Pirates and Dodgers can win one more game I will be very interested in their matchup in the NLCS. The Pirates should have alot of support after thei years of struggles...but remember that LA is coming back from hitting rock bottom during the Frank McCourt years. 

Stevens Point native Janelle McCarville played almost 23 minutes with a bad back and helped the Minnesota Lynx to a game 1 win in the WNBA finals. McCarville 7 points, five rebounds and four assists in the game.