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Will the Bucks pick the right guy?

by Jason Miller

Hey Bucks fans....iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's time for the Draft.  Who in the hell will they pick.  Shoot it's like a merry-go-round, who they will pick no one knows.  Here is the first guy on the list, what list, seriously you want me to tell you where I get my info from....NOT.

So in the first gate is....Sergey Karasev.  Who is that?  Great question, better yet check out this link  and tell me he's old enough looking to play in the NBA, he looks like he should be in High School.  On a really sad note...he was born the year I started my Senior year in High School....wow, 20 that's so young.

In the second position according to my great source, my source isn't that great but I have to call them that so I can keep using them....back to the draft and next up is....Kentavious Caldwell-Pope.  Who is this, shooting guard out of Georgia.  In this link  you will see that he is compared to Kerry Kittles...Oh sweet Mary, mother and Joseph.  Kerry Kittles....why not compare him to me...I shot the three just as good in my hay day but no, it's Kerry Kittles.

In third comes....Steven Adams .  Again I know, you want to know about this guy....Big guy out of Pittsburgh.  7 footer, 255 lbs....seriously where is the next Shaq cause the Bucks should find him and make him theirs in this draft.  But I give you Steven Adams.

So what does this all mean...easy the Bucks will not draft any of the three options I just gave you, they will draft some kid who plays power forward, no true center out there so they will draft a bunch, two guys in a position that they already have.  

It's easy to draft...if you need a point guard, draft a guy who can dribble and drop dimes on your ass.  Shooting guard...need I say any more than that...ok I will...draft a guy who can shoot.  Need a small forward, draft a guy who can play the 2,3, and 4...hardest guy to draft.  Power Forward, should be able to play Center if need be otherwise just be able to shoot ten footers and defend the paint like it's your babies crib and someone wants to take it.  Center...seriously...Ideal would be 7'2" 300 lbs and will make you pay for coming into his house and will shock you at his footwork from about 11 feet away from the basket.  So there you go, the sweet and easy draft model brought to you by ME.

Here's to hoping the Bucks will just stay in Milwaukee and here's another one to hoping they draft someone who can help them NOW.  Good luck Senator...sorry Herb Kohl, former Senator owns them.