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Get ready for some playoff magic

by Jason Miller

Well the improbable happened.  The Green Bay Packers made it to the Wild Card round of the NFL Playoffs.  Today we have two teams who know each other to a point.  The 49ers know that the Packers are as good of a pass game they will face in the NFC.  Here is one thing they will have to get use to, Eddie Lacy.  Eddie Lacy is not the same rookie they faced in week one.  He is one of best RBs in the league and should get Rookie of the Year.  Lacy has 1178 yards rushing with 11 Tds and 257 through the air.  Lacy has had one fumble in the first meeting however, he has only had that one all year.  Lacy is a hard runner and the 49ers are use to facing a hard runner as they have to see Marshawn Lynch twice a year.  Lacy needs to run for 120 yards for the Packers to win this game.

For the visiting 49ers. Frank Gore is a beast in his own right.  Gore has 1178 on the ground with 9 TDs and 141through the air.  Along with Gore they have their QB, Kaepernick, who has 524 on the ground.  The Packers defense early on had an answer for running games but with the loss of Jolly they have struggled.  If Gore and Kaepernick run wild look for this game to get ugly quick.  However if we learned anything from yesterday's round of playoff games, it's not over till the end of the fourth quarter.

My prediction.  This is going to be a hard faught game and I believe that the Packers are going to win and face the Carolina Panthers next week, where it should warm.  Final score 28-20 Packers.