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Dockers! Dockers! Dockers!

by Jim McKinney

OK...whilst the NFL heads toward the fun period of workouts, signings, and all the other stuff the league does in the offseason...I am enjoying another great season of Footy...otherwise known as Australian Rules Football.  Played on a cricket ground (I do not know why), footy is a rough-and-tumble game where players wear no pads or helmets, and a 40 point lead is never safe.  Started back before 1900, the game has undergone several changes, and now features 18 teams from all across Australia, with a majority of them in and around Melbourne.  Sides with names like Magpies, Blues, Cats, Demons, Hawks, and Dockers clash to get into the top eight, so they might have a chance to play in the Grand Final...the AFL equivalent of the Super Bowl.  My favorite squad is the Fremantle Dockers, one of the newer franchises in the league.  They haven't made it to a GF yet...but I have hope!  Every week or so, I'll introduce the blog to an inside view into footy...today's tidbit is the ball, which is called a Sherrin...and looks remarkably like the NFL version...except it's red or yellow in color.  Want more?  Go to afl.com.au, and check out the AFL...footy rules!