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Yvonne is the cricket version of Front Row Amy

by Jon Henseler

Yvonne coming in hot! Looks like the game just changed for Front Row Amy. Low cut tank tops just not going to cut it anymore. I guess it's true what they say, today's king is tomorrow's jester*. And if you I'm not going with that move anytime anyone says hi to me from now on you are outside of your mind. As far as I'm concerned this should replace the slow wave in parades everywhere. The only shame of it was that Brent Musberger wasn't on the call. You just know he's watching this on youtube Strange Brew this morning and feels dejected he couldn't have been there for the play by play. Sort of how I imagine Michael Jordan when he sees player's take last second shots. I could have done so much more! 

*Literally nobody says that. I actually think I just made it up. I can't tell if it's good or bad? Sounds like something Socrates would say if he were 5 years into a bout with dementia.

PS: I 1,000% envision Crocodile Dundee being the play by play man for this broadcast. If you white, you Ben Affleck. If you Australian, you Dundee.

Double PS: If Yvonne and Chaz Reinhold ever hook up all hell will break loose.