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Little League park in Freedom Wisconsin has an interesting concession stand.

by Jon Henseler

First off coincidence that this town is called 'Freedom' and they're selling cases of beer at Little League games? For sure not. Nothing more American beer, baseball and teaching kids about the dangers (?) of binge drinking. Hell I know my folks probably could have used a drink or two watching me play. Watching your progeny strike out playing tee ball is hard enough let alone with a BAC of 0.0. Heck I probably could have used a drink or two as well. Pretty sure Little League baseball is a lot like bowling, the more you drink the better you get.

Now is a case of beer a little extreme? I dunno. Kind of have to take that one on a case by case basis no pun intended/intended. Like how bad is the game you're watching and how many beers will it take to make it entertaining? It's kind of like when a girl or guy at the bar looks at a member of the opposite sex and thinks 'eh, 4 beers and I probably would*.' Same deal here. If it's a decent game, maybe a can is all it takes. The game is a little worse, maybe it's a 12-er. And if you're watching a future internet blogger** play sports you're probably starting down the barrel of a case race.

*Mom, 'would', means take them out for a nice dinner, maybe do some volunteer work and go to church on Sunday morning.

**I'm pretty sure my coach said something to the effect of 'you play baseball like you'd be a great internet blogger even though I have no idea what that is' at some point in my young playing career. Paraphrasing of course.