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Fox reporter Amy Campbell gets absolutely trucked during an interview.

by Jon Henseler

WHAMMY! I mean this is just about the perfect youtube video. Football, hot sideline reporter, someone gets hit sticked, 19 seconds. Youtube 101 right there. And if I'm Amy Campbell I'm not mad about this for one second. Sure degenerates like me will take their internet pot shots for a day, but at the end of said day, everyone will know who Amy Campbell is. She sounds good, seems to have a grasp of the game, looks good, she's got all the tools to be working for ESPN for 'big' Fox. All she needed was a little push to get her name out there and fast-track her career. And that push came from a wide receiver tip toeing in the back of the end zone. Pushed her right out of the camera shot and into fame. So while bloggers like me will put this video up with and apply a movie quote to it, Amy Campbell will parlay her internet fame into real life fame. Amazing what a video can do for your career. Just as Erin Andrews.

PS: Two sneak favorite parts of this video:

The ref on the right just getting his Lance Easley on and the guy on the right literally gives 0 sh!ts that Amy Campbell got trucked.