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Cardinals fans suprisingly cool with the Lucroy All Star ad!

by Jon Henseler

Just kidding they're as butt-hurt as you can be:

(clean it up @DAVIDBACKES42 there's kids on Twitter)

(admittedly the 'add' is about as 'downgrading' as it gets)

(Hey Jake have a good time watching your PED buddy Jhonny Peralta swing the bat for the next three years after the massive contract your team signed him to the off-season despite his suspension last year kbye)

Class class class!

(Actually kind of like this one. Cardinal fan legitimately wondering with Major League Baseball is going to punish us for our behavior. Won't somebody think of the children!)

(Aggressive to say the least. Actually one of the nicer things written on Twitter this week.)

And to top it all off former Brewer and current Cardinal manager Mike Matheny wasn't too happy either which should please his master General Palpatine/Tony La Russa. Either way you knew the 'classiest fans in baseball' weren't going to take kindly to this even though it is so firmly tongue in cheek. Just adds another chapter to the Cards/Brewers* rivalry which looks like it should get interesting down the stretch. Hey St. Louis have a sense of humor for me one time.

*A rivalry during which the Cards have ended our only good two seasons in 32 years. Excuse me while I go cry in the bathroom for 2-45 minutes.

PS: I STILL have friends that are Brewers 'fans' that aren't all in on this team. Hey bro wake up. They have the most wins in the NL and the second best record in all of baseball. They've been in 1st place for over two months. I'm not saying they're a lock for the World Series but I never understand why it takes some Brewers fans so long to get invested. These are the people that say 'Call me in May' in April, 'Call me in June' in May, 'Call me in July' in June, 'Call me in August' in July and 'Call me in September' in August. Then they start going to games after Labor Day and if they lose in the playoffs they scream 'TOLD YOU SO!' from the mountain tops. Insufferable.