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Beware deadly teething gel

by Nikki Montgomery

Teething babies are miserable. Think of how much it must hurt to get all those teeth. Poor babies. it usually begins around 6 months. You know when it's happening they start to drool a lot, they're fussier than usual, and they are constantly chomping on anything they can get in their mouths to relieve pressure.

My girls are going through that right now. The pediatrician says it's okay to give babies Tylenol or ibuprofen to help fussy babies, the nurse gave us a very handy chart to let us know how much of each babies can have because the package says to ask your doctor for babies under 2. The doctor also told us not to use the teething gel that many moms use to numb baby's gums.

Benzocaine is the numbing agent in teething gel like Orajel and it has been found to be dangerous to babies, but hasn't been banned in the U.S. yet. It can actually cause a deadly disorder called,Methemoglobinemia, which is a blood disorder which causes the body to accumulate too much hemoglobin so it can reduce the blood's ability to carry oxygen. The risk is small, but is it worth it? I think not.

The best way to deal with a teething baby is to let them chew on those chilled teething rings...not frozen. If you want to give them something frozen try freezing a washcloth. There are teething pacifiers now if your baby likes pacifiers. Make sure your fingers are clean if you're going to let them chew on them. Gum massage can also help if your baby will allow it.

Teething sucks for everyone, but it only lasts a little while so you'll get through it.

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