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Stay at home mom vs daycare

by Nikki Montgomery

This was once a decision moms made because they wanted to be there for their kids' first moments or couldn't stand the thought of someone else raising their babies. Now it's a decision that needs to be weighed against their paychecks. Many moms are finding that after daycare costs their paychecks aren't worth working for.

My sister and my oldest friend watch our 3 kids for us. We pay them less than a traditional daycare and still daycare costs take more than half my monthly income. Many people would take that number and figure in gas, wear and tear on the car, lunches out and spouse's income and decide it isn't worth working and missing out on the first moments.

This is reality for many families:

Here's the story done by ABCNews on this topic

Did you have to choose between your job and being a stay at home mom? Did you stay home because you really didn't have a choice?

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