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Sippy cup trial and error

by Nikki Montgomery

Image: My twins Kenzie & Zoey 9 months

We started giving our girls sippy cups at 6 months and they really just played with them. Which I guess is to be expected since it's a new thing. So we kept giving it to them and they just kept playing with it. At about 9 months though our girls were really constipated and I knew we needed to get some fluids into them more than just their regular bottles. They wouldn't drink from their sippy cups and we'd tried three different styles at this point, but none of them tickled their fancy. We asked the doctor what to do and he told us to give them straight juice to see if they like that better than the watered down juice. "Forget about the sugar, the most important thing is getting fluids into them, but never put juice in a bottle because they'll never give it up," he said. He also suggested we try yet another style of sippy cup. There is one out there that is shaped similar to the nipple on a bottle, but it works like a sippy cup. So we found two of them and tried putting straight juice in it. Sure enough they drank it.

Just like bottles babies can be picky about sippy cups too I guess.

What was your favorite brand or style of sippy cup?

How old was your baby when they started using a sippy cup?

How old was your child when you took the sippy cup away?

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