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Car Seat Safety

by Nikki Montgomery

When people find out they are having a baby the list of must have starts. The research identifying the safest car seats begins. Once the baby is born new parents are concerned about any little thing that could make their baby sick. Everyone who holds the baby must wash their hands. The bottles and pacifiers need to be sanitized after each use. After about a year those worries begin to fade and parents consider themselves old pros so they start to slack a little on the safety concerns. Some parents revert to the thinking "I didn't have" or "I was raised bla bla bla and I survived". Though somethings new parents do may seem over protective one thing that isn't is keeping your child safe in the car. That means keeping your child in a rear facing car seat as long as possible an proper installation of car seats.

We had our infant car seat checked out by someone at AAA when I was pregnant with our first, Mia. When I was pregnant with the twins we went to the Rothschild Police Department and had the infant car seats and Mia's toddler car seat checked. Glad we did because they all needed some adjustments. In fact the officer who did the safety check told us that even though Mia was almost two and her feet touched the back of the seat her car seat should still be rear facing.

Forward facing vs. Rear facing

Always put car seats in the back seat. Here is a quick illustration of what an airbag will do to a rear facing car seat

Remember it's always better to be safe than sorry even if you think you may be being overprotective.

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