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The Woombie = MORE SLEEP for YOU & BABY!!

by Corey Carter

**This is NOT a paid endorsement for this product**

I just thought it might be a solution to something that parents of infants need oh-so-much: SLEEP!

Bridgeport, CT
-- Jul 17, 2014 / ( http://www.myprgenie.com ) -- When Karen Barski first became a nurse she thought that was the career she was going to have for the rest of her life. Little did she know that a mere 20 years later she would be the creator and owner of the award-winning Woombie brand. Gently hugging the shoulders and tummy, the Woombie baby swaddle allows for natural movement of the arms, legs and hips - softly cocooning baby without restricting mobility or development. The Woombie has been shown to promote a more natural and peaceful sleep environment for infants r esulting in longer periods of sleep with less restlessness. Karen has expanded the Woombie line to include swaddles for all purposes .

Here are some of the unique baby swaddles Woombie has created:

1) Woombie Air

  • Perfect for ALL SEASONS! (dress baby accordingly underneath per season)
  • Vented front offers improved air flow
  • Safer than over wrapping with blanket (over wrapping can lead to overheating)
  • Easy to use!

2) Organic Old Fashioned AirWrap

  • Place over a stroller to protect from the elements
  • Use as a cuddle blanket for toddlers
  • Burp cloth, nursing cover, light toddler blanket or tummy time blanket

3) Woombie Summer

  • Maintains airflow with a breathable fabric
  • Unlike a blanket, will not unravel potentially covering airways
  • Prevents face scratching by cocooning the hands & arms
  • Tapered waist applies gentle pressure to gassy tummies
  • Lightweight & breathable, great for all seasons

4) Wrap & Snap

The Woombie Wrap & Snap was designed for the baby in need of a bit more upper body security. Simply secure wing to create an increased swaddle effect. Wrap & Snap is a one piece unit, the wrap is not a separate item.

  • Place baby in Woombie, tucking feet in.
  • Snap the chin flap , and zip.
  • Wrap the wing to the right firmly and then behind baby.
  • Secure wing in front, adjusting the firmness as needed

5) Little Stud

Made for all the cute little boys out there! This swaddle is designed to look like baby is wearing a formal tie.

6) Fancy and Fabulous

The sweetest and most fabulous swaddle for baby! It has all the same benefits as the Original Woombie, but with a layered bottom for a fanciful flair!

7) ModSwad

  • Lightweight sleeper
  • 95% Organic Bamboo/5% Spandex
  • Soft and Comfortable

All swaddles are available for purchase at www.woombie.com .