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The Boys' 2nd Birthday Present

by Corey Carter

My father in-law is the type of guy who always has to have a "project" to do.  We usually benefit from this! (We are 

Well, my boys are turning 2 (tomorrow) so he and Grammy came for the weekend and built this:

It was relatively easy!  It only took about 5 hours from the time we went to the hardware/lumber store until completion.  And guess what...the boys (and my almost 4-year old daughter) LOVE it!!

I wish I could tell you how much it cost, but Poppa refused to let my wife and I pay for it as it was a "gift" from he and Grammy.  I want to say it was probably somewhere between $200-$300, but it might have been less than that even...I would bet that it was cheaper than I thought it would be.  

Nice weekend project with long-lasting benefits!!