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Amber Necklace- Scam or for real?

by Katie Schurk

The Amber necklace is a trend that has been getting a big buzz lately for teething babies.  If you are wondering what it is, it is a necklace made out of Amber that supposedly alleviates the pain of teething.  Amber is a natural anti inflammatory and has other benefits.  It is supposedly known to take the edge off of the pain, reduce drooling, and help with other symptoms. 

Brody has finally begun the dreaded teething and I got pretty desperate, so I bought one of these bad boys.  I immediately put it on him and haven't notice a huge change, but he did sleep last night, as opposed to the night before!

I am going to give it a couple of more days before I completely form an opinion, but I do have an open mind (which is rare :))

Some questions I had about the Amber necklace.

1. I am not exactly comfortable with putting a necklace on my baby:

    -It is designed that if he pulls it or it gets too tight, it will break.  The beads will also stay attached, so don't worry about the choking hazard.

2. Do they sleep in it?

-No, you take it off for sleeping and bathing.

3. The teething affects my baby most at night, how does that work?

-Supposedly if you keep it on them during the day, it will help them throughout the evening.

As you can tell, it hasn't really helped the drooling symptoms :)