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Sunday Classics Matinee: Opening Credits

by Robb Reel

So I just moved into a new place.  After being on my own since age 16 and never in my life having a roommate who wasn't assigned to me by blood, marriage or some housing department, I was thrilled by the opportunity to choose my cohabitants.  They are all younger than I am, a couple substantially so, and haven't experienced some of the great older movies that I have.

For both the house and for this blog, I have decided to institute the Sunday Classics Matinee.

In the coming weeks and months, I will introduce some great movies you may or may not have seen, or may not have seen without the evisceration that goes with being on TV.  Should you choose to come along on this journey through my film library, I must insist that you get the uncut version; use Netflix, RedBox, your DVR with one of the premium move channels or even **gasp** actually go out to one of the world's few remaining video stores.

Trust me, it will be worth it.

As for what I will define as a "classic" worthy of feature here, I need to point out that some of my new housemates are under 25.  It is reasonable to suggest that they have missed some fantastic films from as recently as even 10 years ago.  Yes, we will get to the likes of Citizen Kane and It Happened One Night, but we are just as likely -- if not more so -- to grab a favorite from the past 20 years or so like The Shawshank Redemption or Atonement.  I promise we will get to some ridiculous comedies, too, because at least one gal has never seen Anchorman: The Legend of Roy Burgundy.  If you're looking for a list of highfalutin French films about existentialism, bicycles and pie, you're in the wrong place.

So consider this your ticket for the Sunday Classics Matinee, opening next Sunday afternoon.