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10 Minute Anywhere Anytime Workout

by Christy Taylor

'If I didnt break a good sweat, I didn't work hard enough"

Yup, I've said that more than once.

As ridiculous as it is, on days that I don't have enough time or energy for a killer work out, I'm more likely to skip exercising all together. Worst mentality ever. Doing SOMETHING is always more effective than doing NOTHING.

That's why I've become a huge fan of these online work out videos. When I really lack motivation and time to get to the gym, I pull one up on my phone or laptop and just get it done. Your health and well being (and cute summer outfits) are SO worth 10 minutes of hard work.

Fitsugar.com is one of my favorite places for a quick work out fix. Here's a couple examples of the 10 minute work outs I do. And, don't be afraid to search youtube for more! Once you find a style or trainer that you like, you can make 10 minute work outs part of your daily routine!