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False Food Facts

by PJ Lacey

We were always told to reach for a banana  when you need a potassium push. You can get the same 422 milligrams of potassium and half the calories with Cantaloupe or Broccoli. A half of a medium potato or 5 whole fruit Apricots has the same potassium, 80 calories and still weaken sodium's effect on your blood pressure.

You've heard this one and seen all those wonderful recipes using sea salt. I've been buying it under the impression it's healthier. It's a myth, table salt and sea salt have approx. 2,300 mg of sodium a tsp.  Table salt gets no respect even though it has the iodine needed to support Thyroid hormones, plus it's cheaper.

M-m-m, Chocolate can't be bad for you? Just make sure it has over half cocoa to get the flavonoids to deliver increased blood flow and release those sweet endorphins. Plus, cocoa has stearic acid that increases your good HDL cholesterol.

See mens health  top food Myths, if your not a vegan.   

photos courtesy-wikipedia