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Not Enough Chili Makers Know This Secret

by Mark Evans

If you're like me, there's nothing better than a big heaping bowl of thick and meaty Chili!  Some people prefer beans (Chili Con Carne) other prefer to use extra items such as pasta, even Corn to get the texture and taste they like the most.

Finding a style chili you like is kind of like dating another person...we all have a "type" we gravitate towards.  And that's the beauty of it...there is no such thing as making chili "wrong."

That being said, there is one thing most people have in their kitchen that they don't know really adds to the flavor of just about any type of Chili - and that's Cocoa Powder!  No, really

The Cocoa Bean is celebrated in many cultures, including the Mayan's of Mexico who are traditionally credited for the origins of their "Stew" which featured several regional Peppers - or Chili's - which gave it heat.  The sweet, ground Cocoa was used to offset some of that heat making the "Stew" more palatable for the diner.

So, next time you're showing off your Chili-making skills....add a Tablespoon of Cocoa and enjoy; you'll look like a genius and the taste will show people a new side of an old favorite.