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Saying 'yes' to the dress!

by Christy Taylor

For not being much of a girly girl, I'm still ridiculously addicted to all those wedding shows on TV! From 'I Found the Gown' to 'Four Weddings' I'm hooked! So, naturally when it came time to make that first appointment to find my dress, I had this vision of my mom, sister and bridesmaids all being there to oooh and ahhh at each dress.You know, expecting tears and hugs when I walk out in THE dress.

Is that how it happened?
Well, sort of. The first dress I tried on was by accident! I went into Elegant Xpressions in Sioux Falls to set up an appointment, and couldn't resist! 4 or 5 dresses in, I had been liking every one of them! But not IN LOVE with any. I stepped into one, got zipped, hooked, and buttoned in--and walked up to the mirror....and knew immediately, THIS IS MY DRESS!!! It totally was that moment. My next appointment was in Nebraska, when my mom was visiting from Indiana. I wanted us all to have that experience together, even if we left empty handed, which we did. So, back to Elegant Xpressions, this time with my sister (maid of honor) and three other bridesmaids. I got back into my dress, found an absolutely GORGEOUS belt and veil to get the full effect. Sure enough, tears! I FOUND THE GOWN!!

This is all you get ;) The big reveal will be on my wedding day!

Here are things I learned from the experience:

  1. If schedules don't allow for the appointment you had been dreaming of, it's OKAY to start anyway.
  2. Going alone isn't a bad idea! It was just me and the consultant, Ashley at my first appointment. I had the chance to truly have my own first impression without any comments from the peanut gallery. Knowing how YOU feel in each dress is what's important.
  3. Trust your consultant. Ashley did everything I asked, found dresses in styles I suggested and thought I wanted. She brought in all dresses in my budget, and all dresses that would FIT. And, go figure, picked a dress I NEVER would have tried on my own--and it was THE ONE.
  4. A simple accessory, like a belt can change the entire dress
  5. Enjoy the experience, it only happens once!
  6. And yes, you'll still be addicted to all the wedding shows on TV. Let's hope it ends once we're married!