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  • Talking Agriculture in New York

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Farmers get ready to build a bridge between rural growers and urban consumers in a few weeks.

    Talking Agriculture in New York

  • RFS a Non-Issue

    Posted by Rick Shields

    The Obama Administration must decide by November 13th - one week after Election Day - whether to grant a waiver of the Renewable Fuel Standard. But the law - not politics - will likely be key. Both President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney back the RFS - and National Corn Growers Association Vice President of Public Policy Jon Doggett says it has not become a campaign issue…

    RFS a Non-Issue

  • Ag Eyes Approaching Cliff

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Top U.S. business leaders are urging the President and Congress to avert the fiscal cliff of automatic budget cuts and tax hikes January first that could set off a new recession and prompt another U.S. debt downgrade. U.S. agriculture could pay a heavy price if the crisis isn’t prevented.

    American Farm Bureau Senior Economist Bob Young says the combination of spending cuts and tax increases could amount to well over half-a-trillion dollar hit to the economy - the kind of hit that could cause another recession. Young says agriculture would not be singled out - but wouldn’t be immune either…

    Ag Eyes Approaching Cliff

  • Michigan Pumpkins 2012

    Posted by Rick Shields

    This year we'll be seeing lots of Michigan pumpkins for sale.  Ron Goldy with the MSU extension describes how this crop coped with the drought.

    Michigan Pumpkins 2012

  • Fall Tillage

    Posted by Rick Shields

    It's the time of year you've got to watch field activities to ensure they're not harming the soil.  Bruce MacKellar offers this advice


    Fall Tillage

  • Rain Impact Fruit Meeting

    Posted by Rick Shields

    There are several things growers need to keep in mind in Southwest Michigan this week.

    Rain Impacts Fruit Meeting

  • Rain Impact-Insurance Meeting

    Posted by Rick Shields

    There are several things growers in Southwest Michigan need to keep in mind this week.

    Rain Impact - Insurance Meeting

  • Crop Production Report

    Posted by Rick Shields

    USDA says corn prices have hit a new record after another drop in monthly yield and production estimates while soybean numbers were the reverse. World Ag Outlook Board Chair Gerald Bange says USDA increased its harvested corn acreage forecast - but that was more than offset by a reduced yield estimate…

    Crop Production Report

  • What's That About Seven Dollar Milk

    Posted by Rick Shields

     Recently - New York Senator Charles Schumer said that if no farm bill was passed - consumers could see six to seven-dollars per gallon milk. That is possible - but not likely - according to University of Wisconsin Professor Dr. Robert Cropp..

    What's That About Seven Dollar Milk

  • The Campaign and Ag Trade

    Posted by Rick Shields

     It took years for the U.S. to ratify three trade agreements worth billions of dollars and thousands of jobs for U.S. agriculture and other sectors. Now - that delay has become an issue in the Presidential race. President Obama takes credit for re-negotiating with Labor and Environmental Protections the Colombia, Panama and South Korea Free Trade deals - worth some 2.4-billion and 22-thousand new jobs for U.S. agriculture. But GOP challenger Mitt Romney charges in a foreign policy speech in Virginia this week that Obama has no trade agenda and has signed no new bilateral trade deals. The three were all started under Republican President George W. Bush and first signed in 2007. American Farm Bureau Trade Chief Dave Salmonsen won’t discuss the politics - just the history behind the deals…

    The Campaign and Ag Trade

  • Plants Get Ready for Next Season

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Fall brings changes not only in leaf color but what goes on inside growing things as they prepare for the year ahead.

    Pleants Get Ready for Next Season

  • Fruit Gowers Get Help

    Posted by Rick Shields

    Michigan growers get the go-ahead on a financial plan to re-group after a problem-plagued production year.

    Fruit Growers Get Help