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Time for More Than One Source of Heating.

by Tom Boodle

Time for More Than One Source of Heating.

By: Doug Denfeld. Marth Wood Shavings Inc

According to the LP gas industry, the soaring prices, and shortages of last year will continue for the foreseeable future. If you live in a rural area you need LP gas but as many residents and businesses in rural areas are realizing, the time to have more than one energy source for your home or business has arrived. With wildly fluctuating prices and LP gas shortages many people are adding biomass heating to the mix. The most popular biomass fuel is wood pellets.

In a recent report funded by the Department of Commerce and the Wisconsin Department of Administration, using wood pellets saves millions of dollars a year in energy costs, slashes carbon dioxide emissions and create jobs. In one example in the study using south eastern Wisconsin, if one in five homes or businesses switched to pellets from propane, heating oil or electricity, they could save more than $2.6 million a year.

The study also highlights environmental benefits. Switching 20 percent of homes in the same sample area would reduce carbon emissions by about 13 percent, the equivalent of removing 5,000 cars from the road.

According to studies by the Biomass Resource Center, installing pellet heating units can save businesses thousands of dollars in energy costs over time while providing significant economic and environmental benefits.

The environmental benefits include helping to mitigate issues such as acid rain and global climate change. Economically they cost less than heating with fossil fuels and that cost savings is only increasing as the LP gas shortage becomes more severe.

In addition, wood pellets:

Are convenient, easy to use and can be bulk stored in less space than other biomass fuels.

Have high energy content.

Are a clean burning renewable resource.

Are produced from such waste material as forestry residues and sawdust and other waste that might otherwise end up clogging our landfills.

Are more price stable compared to fossil fuels.

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